Typical Products

1、Back Cover Glass: ( Glass and Class + flilm )
2、Glass Fiber Cover: ( Glass Fiber + PET )
3、Other: ( PMMA + PC )

Back Cover Glass Introduction

The thickness of cover glass ranges from 0.3mm to 1.3mm. The production processes include glass cutting, CNC shaping, surface polishing, tempering, ultrasonic cleaning, screen-printing, film lamination, optical plating and packing.

Cover glass have distinguished features of high gloss, high hardness, high strength, HD visual effect, anti-scratch, pressure resistance and shock resistance. The surface treatment on glass of sapphire includes vacuum coating, screen-printing, laser effect, color plating, AR coating, AF coating, AG coating, etc. The main sources of glass material are Corning and AGC.

Our targeting customers are producers of mobile phone and pad.

Back Cover Glass Manufacturing Processes

Glass Fiber Cover Introduction

The normal glass fiber cover is produced by glass fiber(0.3-0.35mm thickness) laminated with PET(0.188mm thickness). The production processes include material cutting, screen printing, UV transferring, UV lamination, optical coating, and CNC shaping.

Glass fiber cover has the high ability of toughness and shock resistance. The surface of PET has AF coating, and the hardness is 2-3H. The performance of glass fiber cover in anti-scratch and rubbing resistance is not as good as glass cover. It is cost down solution of glass cover.

The main source of glass fiber cover material is MSK Japan. Our targeting customers are producers of mobile phone and pad.

PMMA+PC Cover Manufacturing Processes

PMMA+PC Cover Applications

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